Teenagers Of Purpose

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Irrespective of our distance, our colour, our history, our religion, our belief, our mental level, our class, our material level, our background, our social standards, I believe every teenager born into this world has a greater calling, a purpose, a reason for existence. We are not mistakes; we are not accidents of history, we are not biological errors/mistakes, we are heaven sent. Our family, our friends, our classmates, our neighbors are all in our lives now because they are here to build us, to prepare us, to encourage us, to make us know pain, success, failure, gain, anger, hate, regret, happiness, joy, vexation, affliction, irritation, trouble, aggravation, bedevilment, botheration, bugging, disturbance, harassment, importunity, pestering, teasing, annoyance, arrogance, blissfulness, gladness, delight, exuberating, glory, jubilation, exult, triumph, beatitude, blessedness, felicity, importance and opportunity.



Don’t look at yourself differently, you have what past great men and women had, don’t have self hate for yourself. God speaking in the bible from the book of Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans of welfare and not of evil to give you a future and a hope. (ESV)

                   Nothing can deter, discourage, dissuade or inhibit a determined soul. Our sow purpose on this earth is to put an end to humanities suffering not to add to it. Everybody has chance to make a change. Think great and you will be great, think rich and you will be rich , think small you will be small, think poor you will be poor, no matter how small the body is the mind is much more bigger and mightier. Don’t dwell on past failures it will only prevent future success but learn from it, don’t settle for anything less–aim higher, higher than the body believes it can achieve but i dare you the mind can. Never be static, if you can’t run walk, if you can’t walk crawl, if you can’t crawl roll but make sure you are moving, the world is waiting for YOU.



Statistics say that about 105 people die each minute and the same statistics also said over 146,409 people die daily some may be saved some may be lost forever and about half of them are teenager. It was recorded that about 16,375 teenagers die. Most of this teenager don’t out of normal circumstances like we would say sickness or there about. How the die is surprising most of die out of depression, homicidal, Fire related deaths, suicide, drug, drinking and driving, unwanted pregnancy (abortion).  


 This has lead to the destruction of beautiful and glorious destinies. Would it ever be normal for a parents to bury their teenage child, is it normal for pastor to come and give sermons at the funeral of a teenager. How awkward it is for a grandparent to bury a grandchild because I’ve heard and seen that a lot.



T.O.P: Teenagers Of Purpose came into my imagination or I’d say was originally founded on 27th August 2015 at around 9:25pm when I was reading a book titled God’s generals, there I notice that most of these men that were called God’s generals had one thing in common: they all started pursuing their purpose from teen-age. They discovered their essence of living

T.O.P is a foundation found to bring teenagers worldwide from all around the globe together, to help them discover their purpose, their reason for existing.

T.O.P aim: ”WORK LOCALLY IMPACT GLOBALLY” Under no denomination, no religion or no belief…. We want to be an outreach to every teenager.

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To achieve what others have never achieved do what others have never done”

Our life is our contract and if we don’t build it, well—–we would loose it. Every teenager on this planet today has a core purpose for being here at this particular time, you are not an accident of history, you are not a born mistake.


Don’t look at yourself differently. The fact you didn’t attend a Five Star School (FSS) doesn’t mean you can’t be a productive person. No person is a fake product of nature.