WELCOME – Teenagers Of Purpose

Stop blaming other people for your lack of success. Look in the mirror and take some responsibility for your life. Success starts from within: Your change will start with you. The thoughts that overcome the mind overcomes the man; Your life will always reflect the colours of your thought, If you want to be successful, start thinking of yourself as a successful person and begin to work towards it. anigifThere’s no need to be envious of others when you have the same 24 hours as everybody else. Don’t hate on the person who chooses to work harder, don’t be jealous of the person who chooses to be more disciplined and don’t be envious of the person who chooses not to waste their opportunities: You got to take advantage of yours! Stop acting like God can’t bless you too. Don’t be mad at them for YOUR life, but be mad at the person who’s responsible…..YOURSELF…… Get better not bitter; Let someone’s success motivate you to WORK HARDER not HATE HARDER. You got to STOP waiting for the right time to seek a better life and make TODAY the day you DECIDE to CHANGE!