One question we often ask ourselves or often go through our mind is this “ why are we living”. Everybody created by God has a purpose to fulfill, has a reason for being here  at this time. You mustn’t be on Google or become a celebrity before you know you have actually accomplished some thing with your time here on earth. Every face you see, everyone you meet on the road, the bus station or the mall has different view of life and have different purpose.

No matter how far you go down the wrong road it would never lead you to your destination. Every passing moment of our live adds positivity or negativity to the world, it either gives people hope or it drives away hope from their lives.


  1. We are living to help others: If you live for you alone you don’t deserve your life. You were given everything you have now to help make the world a better place, am no saying you alone can change the world no!, what am saying is the little you do with be remembered till the end of time, even if it is not displayed on a national newspaper or said on a talk show it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the fact that you helped save a life that would lead to generations upon generations you come.


Giving a hand to someone in need

Being there for someone who wants to be heard

Making your chest and shoulder available for those who seek someone to lay there head on.


  1. We are living to comfort others: “”. Out of every 50 persons you meet a day 45 are lost, Emotionally or physiologically. You donating 5 to 10 minutes of your time to help that person out of that state of bewilderment could really go a long way in their life.