Spare Parts “chapter 2”


I know it feels good to belong, to wear the latest shoes use the latest phones, wear the latest clothes, and carry the latest hand-bags. But is that really it? ——- is that what you were meant for? you owe your future a great personality. What you wear now, do now and the friends you keep now may or will never be there forever.

One of the biggest distractions of today’s generation is simply the act of wanting to belong. Teenage relationship has proven to be desperately fatal to its young generation and most times is cause by peer pressure: there was a book I read authored by a young teenager titled ‘9 things the devil uses to deceive teens’, in the chapter  2 of this book she talked ‘bout relationships, there was this message that caught my attention it was where she wrote about how Caro, Michigan threw more insight on peer pressure: she said “  A loyal friend he never lives your side. He makes us popular. He shows us new ways to enjoy life. He teaches us new hobbies. He shows us how to look cool and how to act like adults. He makes us feel important. When we are with him, we are never sad or depressed. He teaches us how to get away from everything. For a while we are sure no one could ever replace him. He is the best friend we have ever had. After sometime the fun wears off. He is no longer great to be with. He has changed our whole life and turned us against our parents. Our other friends have turned away because we are trying what he has been to us. He seems to get us into so much trouble. We must always take the blame for the mistakes he gets us into. Instead of our best friend, he is now our worse enemy, but by now it is too late. Our wonderful friend has gotten us into the worst mess of our life and we can’t get out. We regret the day we became friends with this master of disguise.  His name is PEER PRESSURE.

       I want you to know that the friends we make, the relationships we keep are what shape us into the being we become, how our future becomes and how our end becomes. As 460px-Be-a-Great-Christian-Teenager-Step-11pleasant it may same to get into a relationship, it is dangerous. Any young soul that ventures enter into a relationship at a tender age may be lost forever. It’s painful to see young teens grow enmity against their selves because of the break-up of a relationship. In the world today, most age group infected with the disease of HIV/AIDS is ranging from 14 – 25. Yet they are young, but have sown not to live long the day they chose to get into irresponsible relationships that sealed their fates. Life can’t offer back to you what you never offered to it. You chose the wild life path and got the reimbursement of that path of life.


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