SUPERNOVA “Chapter 1”

                                                                   A SUPER NOVA

SUPER NOVA according to NASA is the explosion of a star. It is the largest explosion that takes place in space.


When a star cannot handle their nuclear fuel, they explode in a brilliant burst of light………

But here am trying to bring out the star in every teenager, I’m going pin-point every step I possible can that would lead you to a world-wide explosion of your talent, dreams, ideas and so on that would make that star in you emerge to the surface, that’s why I call this part  of this blog is called SUPER-NOVA.

    This is the birth of another star to the whole world. We all have our own personal supernovas hidden in us, in ourselves, we just need the addition of that nuclear fuel which is this message to lead us to our own explosion that would change the world forever.


Teenage life I admit is the hardest part of growing up, especially when you don’t have a guardian or parent. It is full of all kind of trials and temptations. A lot of people today are being tormented by some of decision they made at their teen age.

         We’d have a lot  to talk about the life of teenagers in this book as I have pin-pointed out some parts.

The Secular World of Teens:

The world as a technologically based environment and it possibly could bring lots of harm to young offsprings. Most teens you would find today round the world would spend better parts of their lives on social medias, television and non-inspirational songs.

As the year passes by the irritating lifestyle of teenagers increases. Why spend time on these things?. I myself would accept the fact I sometime go online to social networking sites, watch lot of movies, it’s just an aspect of life. But some teenagers have become so obsessed with it that it’s like if they just don’t do it any day they would die.

I do agree that making right decision at times can be hard  and daring buts’ better to take that changes now than live your life in regrets later.

             It feels good to belong, to wear the latest shoes use the latest phones, wear the latest clothes, and carry the latest hand-bags. But is that really it? ——- is that what you were meant for? You mean more than you think to the whole world, you owe your future a great personality. What you wear now, do now and the friends you keep now may or will never be there forever.

Don’t always wait for people to tell you the right thing before you do it. Do not be a wheelbarrow or canoe that needs to be pushed or paddled to move...

         Don’t be a kind of teenager the world would regret ever having. The world necessarily does not mean the whole planet, am talking about your environment, your family, your friends, your classmates etc, what legacy would you rather live behind, the bad one or the good one? it is all your choice.


Our mind is the most powerful tool given to us on earth apart from the Bible. In your mind you can be anything or anyone—– but snap out of it and face the reality that you are in now. You can only achieve those thoughts in your mind if you’re focused, have a given mind-set. The mind is far clearer to understanding than the brain. But though the brain has a vital irreplaceable part in our life.

Everything you see today was once somebody’s thought, it was once an idea the mind concieved before it came to the phyiscal real where everyone can see, feel,touch or smell it. The mind was given to us to help solve problems not create more or add to the existing ones. It is tool that should be used wisely or else it destroy YOU!

            “Negative thoughts destroys or corrupts your destiny but positive thoughts build or constructs your destiny. Settle down for positive influences”


PURPOSE: 3 vowels and 4 consonants. The word purpose is easily pronunced but it is the reason we are existing. Without purpose living has no meaning.

Nobody came into this world without a purpose nobody is born a nothing less, how you spend your time determines how productive you are, spending all your time on television, laptops and games will never take you anywhere.



The assasine of destiny. A lot of big dreams and inspiration dies due to procrastination. Procrastination is a destiny destroyer, it doesn’t modify or edify rather it demoralize or destroy you. It gives you the feeling that there’s still sufficient time but before you know it, there will hardly be enough time. CAROLYN CASTLEBERRY once said-“trackwhere your time goes to discover what is stealing your time without your permission”.

      Anytime wasted CANNOT AND NEVER be recovered, instead it increases the amount of work you are going to do that you were supposed to do. Watching television at the wrong time, and social networking at the wrong time is watching others succeed in their business while you keep failing and falling back. Nobody will ever be able to prosper if you have the spirit of procrastination.


People are often late to so many occasions why? Let’s look at it from the realm of students. Most students are often late to classes because of unreasonable reasons. Some of them are all night watching movies, playing game, and partying and so on. The usually make them end up performing academically. Someone or anyone who’s always late never discover his or her purpose on time.

Fighting that spirit of lateness

Put away late hours of watching movies.                                                                                       Avoid excessive social networking till mid-night.                                                                       . Abstain from going to bed late.


Life is not a bed of rose or a garden of thorns. How you live your life determines how you’ll end up. In this life you are running your own personal race and fighting your own battle with so many people and things trying to pull you back from your destiny. You can never expect to wake-up one morning and see your destiny in your front saying am your destiny take me. You have to fight to locate that destiny and keep fighting to keep it.


Role-models can be seen as personality builders. These are people you look up to, people who have something you also possess in you.


Your role model doesn’t completely define who you are, your role partially defines you. Nobody is meant to select a role model for you, though you mustn’t have a role model, but a responsible and reasonable role model encourages you to be serious in what ever you do.

Have you ever imagined having a mentally disordered person as a role model? It technically symbolizes that you are planning to be mentally disordered.

Role models are not just people, they are not just people you would love to be like, they are like idols to you, everything they do, and every step they take has an effect on you.

         To ever be successful you must learn to believe in people, have a role model that has been successful in that field you are about to enter. Every successful man who existed or is existing once had a role model they looked up to. I’d like to cut a little for men like MICHAEL JACKSON. Michael Jackson while growing up as studies said had a role model named Elvis Presley, Elvis Presley mentored him for some time and Michael Jackson ended up becoming more famous than his mentor. My point here is that until you are ready to look up to somebody people are barely going to look at you.


Never have a role model that’s not worth it, in the sense that beacause you want to have a role model you don’t  make any negatively adding person your role model. Having a role model that will/would impact good things in your life is very essential.

                          ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Everyone today has a destiny to fulfil but  cannot achieve that destiny if they think they are not worth achieving it. Don’t let your background judge your future. So many great men today never came from a wealth family but the all ended up being wealthy and well re-known round the whole world. Henry Ford, Michael Jackson, Benjamin Carson, Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Albert Einstein and so on.

Stand on what you believe is right

In other to succeed you must first learn to have faith and believe in yourself, don’t always let the words that come out of others mouth displace your own words. If you don’t have faith in yourself you’re likely to fall.

                Take example from THOMAS EDISION the man who invented electric bulb he tried it several times he never got it, yet he did not lose hope, he trusted in his self and finally he pulled the trigger, he got the job done, he shot his target on the head.

                 Standing on what you believe would take you further than always doing what other people tell you to do.

Success connection:

Success is connected to knowledge, wisdom, understanding, action and believe. If anyone should posses this characteristic there’s surely an open door of success for him or her.

              Success is achieved, a successful person is never a slacker; I mean a sleepful person, lazy or so. School is not the reason for every bodies success, not everyone you see in school are actually there to learn, some are on deceival   mission.

         Learning in this case am talking of is not the learning in school. In this aspect it is about acquiring of knowledge from other places rather than the four walls of school.

Bill Gates the C.E.O of Microsoft as study says never graduated from a higher learning institution he dropped out of hardvard some years after he got in, rather he worked with IBM for some couple of years before he co-started his own very company and today he is a multi-billionaire that is on the lips of every computer user. Am not say that school is not so much related to success……


As teenagers we all dream of becoming successful one day with our desires at heart that no one knows about. It may surprise you to know that some teenagers have already accepted failure without knowing it. ONLY A DETERMINED SOUL ACQUIRES SUCCESS. Like big ben said“the only thing you can acquire in life without effort is failure”. You start building your dream few seconds after you are out of your mother’s womb.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         IT TAKES HARDWORK, SWEAT AND DETERMINATION TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

Get Informed:

Every addicted reader is an enlighten soul. The backwardness of most people is simply rooted to the lack of information. When you get informed you get transformed. Current information improves your mental and physical capacities.

      Update yourself by acquiring information no matter your profession, vocation or status.

                 Change your thinking method:

Never you limit your self-capacity and capability in your mind. No matter the number of time you fail be it in a subject t school or anything, never you limit yourself.

         Think far beyond your older capacities. Always aim for the sun but it you done hit it become one of the stars. Nothing on earth not even death can stop you from achieving what you set out for, the only person that can stop you is you!

                     If you look round the world you will find a lot of teenagers making waves, inventing things that we use in the world today, but do you think that they’re different from you? No!, you are where you are because you think you can’t move from where you are.

Let your dream become reality……….

Eleanor Roosevelt said” The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams”.

Walt Disney said “If you can dream it you can make it

W. F Kummyi also said:” Live your dream don’t live in your dream land”.

If you always dream of what you want and never work/act towards what you want, that dream may turn into being a nightmare. Control your dreams don’t let your dreams control you.


The question is not can you dream,But do you have the courage to act on it?                                         Is there a dream in your heart? Has life buried it?                                                                                    Have others told you it’s too late? Don’t you believe it?                                                                              God has a dream for you, and if you will seek him, he will reveal it                                                     .Adapted from: jentezen Franklin (take hold of your dream)

Love who you are!:

Never regret why you were born into a particular family, never you regret why were born into a particular country.

        The reason why God gave you that particular destiny was because He felt you have something different from any other human being He created that particular potential in you was why he entrusted that particular destiny to you.

      Bishop David Oyedepo Said” you are at your best when you are yourself”.

  If you are trying to be like someone else you might probably lose your destiny, your purpose, because that difference seen in you by God when He gave you that particular task was no longer there.

      A philosopher once said “Always try to be the original copy of yourself not a photocopy of someone else or else you may lose your value”.


      No matter the circumstances, no matter the condition, no matter the position always strive for what you want.

  Never let the fear of failure pull you back from where you want to go.

     Abraham Lincoln said “my concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are contented with failure”.

 Determine to rise again because condemning yourself after failure is double failure and it is only a mile to your grave.

       We all know our dreams and our dreams are our desires, crave for it. No matter the challenges stand still, because “challenges are what makes us who we are, victory are what make us stand stable”. If you have a strong crave for your desire no matter what comes your way you will overcome.

   An example of a world renown man who had a strong crave for his desire was Thomas Edison. If Thomas Edison had given up his desire his goal his aim probably we would have had electricity but maybe no bulbs. But because his craved for what he wanted was so strong that when his friends and family would tell him to give up on his research on creating electric bulbs were impossible still he would go on. He said they discourage him he encourages his self. He tried 9,999 times until the 10,000 time he got it. When he was talking to the press about his success he didn’t say I failed 9,999 times no! he said I found 9,999 ways that don’t work. And yet most of us fail this days once, twice or thrice in a particular thing and we feel like the whole world is on our shoulders like it’s all over.

“Breakthroughs are made through by looking through impossibilities and making them possible.”

-Egwuatu David .A.

                   Visualize you dreams

Even before attaining your goals or dreams in life you can actually visualize it. Some people do have the same dreams with your but different ways of execution, different ways of attaining it.

      In your mind always create a clear picture of how you would look like if you take that particular step you want to take. You ask yourself if I take this step am I going to make it or probably would fall?

                    Mind your eating habits

Scientifically proven that sometimes excessive eating can have side effects to/on the brain.

        Never read with a plate of food at your side am not talking of snacks. Mind what you put into your mouth as it might affect your brain. In life try to be fruitful (productive) and not foodful(unproductive).

          Would you prefer to eat your tomorrow now or rather sacrifice you food now for that glorious tomorrow. I’m not saying that eating is bad or that you should not eat no! But excessive eating is a serious offence to you and to your health. The brain actually needs food to keep on working even the whole body, but that’s no reason for you to eat excessively.

      Most people feel that at times what they eat don’t affect their mental status but there wrong, what you eat actually has an effect on you and on your brain.

                      “WE BELIEVE IN WHAT WEWANT TO BECOME.”


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