Felt used or useless sometimes… scared you’ve disappointed everybody… Hey!! Listen. Nobody really cares how you feel, only you do – It’s life, people are bound to hurt you, to make you feel like giving up sometimes… make you feel like what you do don’t matter, like it doesn’t count; But it does. Listen to me right now; You count in this world OK, you really do, You, might not be that kind of child your parents expected you to turn out to be No! but you definitely turned out to the kind of person God expected you to be…. Even if you don’t seem so now, don’t give up, building a masterpiece takes time. Jesus didn’t die on the cross immediately he was born nahhhh…. He grew, He worked, He took time. It doesn’t really matter how bias a situation may be for you right now, just know this DON’T YOU EVER GIVE UP ON BUILDING YOURSELF!! Don’t tie your value to a person or situation they would disappoint you. Nobody is perfect except God. No relationship is perfect except the one you have with God, why? because no matter what we do to Him he will always forgives us as long as we are willing to turn back to him.

You are a teenager, you have purpose, you’ve been given a reason for existing, don’t waste your life on shallow things, things that are volatile, things that won’t count in the next 5 years, 2 years or perhaps the next 30 minutes. Push for what is right, do what is right not just what feels right …… Please I beg you and I beg you again DON’T PURSUE AFTER PEOPLE, PURSUE DESTINY, PEOPLE WILL DEFINITELY FOLLOW BETTER PEOPLE EVEN. Yes, I know you’ve made grievous mistakes in the past but forgive yourself or else you would never be able to move forward in this life you’ve been given to live. If you tie your happiness to a particular person, I promise you that happiness won’t last and at the end you will end up sad and disappointed.

 Don’t let a person define you, don’t let something anything, money whatsoever define your worth, because, you are worth so much more than you can begin to comprehend. Next time you are ever asked what’s your value what’s your worth… tell them to get you the blood of Jesus Christ cause that’s your worth, He paid that you will fulfill destiny and nothing on earth, under the sun, no matter how hard the thing tries except you.

Here’s the main line: you have a purpose. Live it right.





Get out and work hard, there is not fast route to riches or wealth or success or anything you are seeking… if there was a faster way, trust me it would kill you!!!


GET UP AND GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why am I alive? Why am I able to breathe today? Why didn’t I die like most of my mates did?

Big question…??!!

Yeah, you are alive because no matter how many errors you’ve made in the past God still cares for you, He still has a plan installed for you. Yes, I know you get scared, confused and worried sometimes, at times you feeling like you are disappointing everybody, like you’ll never live to your fullest potential. You are scared, but you know what… it’s ok to be scared sometimes…. It shows you are making progress, it shows you aren’t stuck or confined to a certain level or position.

But here’s another issue about fear SIN. Sin brings doubt, it ignites fear, it makes you feel like after some certain progress you just fall back to the ground to start afresh. It’s one thing being successful and it’s another being successful the RIGHT WAY. The quantity of your success doesn’t count or matter or mean anything at all if it has no good quality.

I once heard somewhere in a motivational message that the hardest journey you’ll ever make in this life is the one you make alone, cause trust me, you’ll always start with a huge/great multitude of friends that would say they would be with you every step of the way… but the truth is everybody you see alone the road, in the park, on the bus or where ever are going through also have issues they are trying to overcome, though some are greater than the others the world may say, but none is truly the greatest{No issue is truly greater than another}.

So you ask why are you still alive today? well, the answer is simple : Jeremiah 29:11 says it all “ FOR I KNOW THE THOUGHTS I THINK TOWARDS YOU, SAITH THE LORD, THOUGHTS OF GOOD AND NOT OF EVIL TO GIVE YOU AN EXPECTED END”……. Its really funny though, when God has promised us this, we still go about every day of our lives carrying long faces, showing the whole world we have problems, being scared, telling them how fragile we are at the moment, if you let your enemies see your weakness, they won’t pity you!! they will strike harder to make sure you fall completely. But please remember this; it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve felt forgotten, ignored, self-hated, loved less, despised, where you are now isn’t where you will be forever, your current location isn’t meant to be permanent residential area  for you. You are just going through a phase now so that someday, one day, tomorrow you will also have a story to tell, you will also tell somebody I was there before and I made it out, so cheer up and don’t wallow and drown in your own tears – tomorrow is brighter than you can ever imagine. But you have to do one thing……………………………………………..RUNNNNN!!!!!!!

Don’t stick to the status quo

There is something with the status quo that is literally intoxication, you don’t want to move you want to put things at risk. Change is hard change is scary I know but is that how much you want to limit yourself. For you to change you must face the terror of change you must accept that you must fail, because everybody else is scared of doing a thing, if ever body else is scared of crossing the line, don’t hange with them, don’t stop where they stop You, must believe that no one else is better at building a life that suits you more than yourself.


The first thing a human does when he/she sees someone new is looking at appearance. People judge other by their appearance before really getting to know them well.

There is a famous quote that goes “you are addressed by the way you dress”……. And this quote speaks the truth, your appearance makes other think what they think of you.

For sample, when you see someone passing by with a white overflowing gown and a stetoscope hung around his neck, you could tell that person is a medical practisional, no one really needs to tell you that.


There are two (2) dressing methods;

  • Decent
  • Indecent

Sagging, chains round your neck and hand, tattoos all over your body, putting on shoes without completely tying the shoe laces well doesn’t symbolize a decently dress person. Most teenagers classify these dressings as the 21st century dressing where we have the bump short, strapless feminine shirts, so tight pencils trousers. Wearing these things may make you look cool, feel on top of the world…but it’s not going to keep you on top of the world forever. Every minute that passes by designers bring out new styles and designs. Most of the rapes that girl are victim of doesn’t always be the guys fault, percentage of it is on the girl, her appearance, the way she carries herself. Indecent dressing will not only destroy you, it could destroy those around you. – imagine being a church service while the preacher is giving a sermon, you turn to your side and discover a girl sitting close to you with a slim hand-opened shoulder shirt and made her breast partially open, Damn! Through out the rest of that service I bet you wouldn’t be comfortable –. But that’s what the world says is invoked now, the 21st century swagger

Decent dressing doesn’t just only make you look responsible, it makes you feel comfortable. A well dressed person who approaches someone for help would not easily be turned away. Decent dressing identifies you, it brings respect, it also has a swagger of its own. You don’t need to put your trousers below your waist or put chains round your neck like you are a dog or wear deadly tight skinny jeans that would reap in half it you wide you legs to feel in the 21st century fashion show.

The Letter Every Teenager Wants To Write To Their Parents

If we had our chance we would want to tell our parents this…….

Dear Dad/Mum,

There is a point in our life that we feel like being under the spotlight, that we want to be seen and heard by the world, that we want our talents to be appreciated and there are also times we want to hide and remain in darkness for the rest of our lives.

                Parents do complain that we (teenagers) spend countless hours on our mobile phones and laptops, they say that we are squandering our time – that wouldn’t make us productive, but in – some ways they’re right and some ways wrong (depends on personal point of view). The chances of being productive online are high but also the types of non – developmental materials online are also high. Life is Ironic. You can’t put a rotten tomatoes among good tomatoes and expect it to be better and healthy like the other tomatoes it won’t instead it would contaminate the good ones around and that’s how it the contamination would spread to contaminate the rest of the tomatoes but you can also put a good tomatoes in the mist of the bad one in anticipation for the good and freshness of that tomatoes spread and affect the other bad tomatoes No! that one good one would get contaminated/spoilt by the other bad ones faster, within a snap. No matter how you put the bad tomatoes it always contaminates the good ones, it is inevitable.

                We go online, we want to be responsible, we want to turn out great but sites online have been contaminated by these bad tomatoes, Snapchat has been filled with nudity, Facebook has been filled with nudity pages, Instagram, Twitter and there likes.

                You don’t judge us (teenagers) from afar, you don’t stand at the foot of a mountain to determine how many steps it would take you to climb to its peak. I’m not saying that we would disrespect and talk back to you (parents) because you’ve never lived a 21st Century teenagers’ life before No, of cause you should know better than us, but what I’m saying simply is this: When we miss our steps pulls us back, When we fall pick us up and dust our body, Care, Carter and Love us because if you should lose the teenagers of today there is no future for tomorrow. TRY BEING A 21st CENTURY TEENAGER AND YOU WOULD SEE HOW DIFFICULT IT IS GROWING UP.   

Your’s Faithfully                                                                                                                               Teenagers of Tomorrow

Teenagers Life (Part 1)

Teenage stage I do agree is the hardest part of growing up. The life of a teenager is not a play ground; it isn’t like a juggler or a merry-go-round. Teenage stage starts for thirteen till nineteen and within this period choices are made consigning life and lifestyle. In teen-age changes do not occur only physically but mentally….. Scientifically proven that the brain under goes a lot of re-wiring and whatever is taken in at that stage of life is processed easily. I refer to this stage as a very fragile stage; this is the point in time where so many people made and make mistakes, the friends you keep would help build you or help demolish you, the actions you take would determine the outcome of your future; if it is worth it or disappointing.




There’s a saying that goes like this “friendship is not by force it is by choice” there’s also another that goes like this “show me your friend and I would tell you who you are” , the company we keep determines what accompanies us, friendship is the greatest ship but a bad friendship is worse than the titanic. You can have drug addicts as friend and not expect to get involved in drug, you can have thieves, robbers, burglars and expect to turn out responsibly, sooner or later you would join them if you don’t relinquish them from your life… “bad company corrupts good manners” . It doesn’t matter if you come from a Christian home or a religious home, your life is yours and yours alone, your parents can’t live it, your siblings can’t live it. What you do outside is your choice.

A real and good friend is not that one that chooses to fall with you when you are falling; but he/she that holds you and draws you up from falling, a real friend wouldn’t see you cry and cry with you; he/she would help you get better.



Challenges in this stage of life are at the fullest. In this stage the attraction of opposite sex is highly common; development into adulthood is at its beginning. Being at this stage if you’re a boy there is a tendency to have a girlfriend and if you are a girl there is a tendency to have a boyfriend… but I strong advise that there shouldn’t be any response to this feeling, it is absolutely normal to get attracted but I suggest you try to repeal. Having a relationship in teen age does create a lot of mayhem:

  • LEARNING: It makes the IQ drop, you’ll always be thinking of him or her, it distracts you from your education, it makes you loose focus and balance.
  • ENEMITY: This is hugely because of break-ups, you don’t want to see him or her anymore and most times you end up putting them in your black book.

Teen relationship is something I would advise teenagers should not go into……..



Everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage. Coming to the 21st century where our cars are keyless, our cooking no longer require flames, our phones are wireless its like virtual everything contains a touch of modern technology.



The internet is a very powerful tool if use both ways bad or good, it has virtual everything you need and is easily accessible from any part of the world. What we do with it and how we use it is very important. Today in the modern world where internet is accessible to anybody it has become a very dangerous material, the sites are getting corrupt. Due to free access it has began to destroy the life of teens; Pornographic view: 420 million web pages are dedicated to porn, not to speak of the snap chats with the nudes of over 140 characters. Free access to these views has made a lot o teens sex addicts at a very young age, they’ve lost their value to life, they’re school drop-out. Social media effect: Do you know an average person spend 4years of his/her life looking down on his/her phone. But I’d say that you to be then, since twitter, Skype, whatsapp, instagram came into existence, these social media platforms have stolen the time of lots of teens. Teenagers are so interested in the numbers of followers they have, what’s trending on social media, who’s dating who and who broke up with who, when instagram came selfy pictures came that it has gotten to an extent we have selfy sticks. I have heard about a lot of teenagers who were knocked down on the road because they were faced down to their phones……..