In bed this morning I was asking myself; “what are some of the secrets to success in life this new day?” I found the answer right there in my very room. The fan said, “Be cool”, the roof said, “aim high”, the window said, “see the world”, the clock said, “every minute is precious”, the mirror said, “Reflect before you act”. The calendar said, “Be up to date”. The door said, “Push hard for your goals”. The Rug said “kneel down and pray”. The toilet said “flush the Bad habits that will deter you from becoming someone influential in life! The Holy Bible laughed and said, “Read me for direction”.                


Everything we do no matter how hard we try or how much time we spend on doing it, it would yield nothing if it is not ordained by God. We cannot abandon God’s vision for our life and go after our very own ambitions; it will never yield good fruit. That would just be counted as time wasted on planet earth.

As teenagers we all have aspirations of what we want to become; what we dream of becoming, but let’s not live for selfish reason; try to disclose/discover what God’s plan is for your life, don’t live tightfistedly, look out what you could do for somebody out there. Don’t get so focused on your ambition that you decide to throw away your mission. Don’t prior ambition over vision……..; every has been ordained before time began we just have to come and fulfill it not set our own rules.


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