Is it not enough? We have spent countless of hours on television watching series upon series of different movies, playing video games and on the internet doing irrelevant things forgetting we have a world to change, a world to save and the earth (world) is crying to us calling out to all teenagers saying change me!!. We are the future of the morrow ; we believe we are the light of the world but we couldn’t glow if our switch weren’t turn on, I believe that within us lies untapped potentials , in our DNA we possess the genes of greatness, in us are locked great pastors, author, philanthropist, musicians, scientist, engineers, political leaders, life changers, men and women of immeasurable change, thing that world change the world, these potentials would still remain untapped until we are ready to act on them, until we are ready to bring it forth to the world.


The more you waste time the more other teenagers die the more you get bloods on your hands. One day we would all face God either His wrath or His blessing, what are you going to tell him you fulfilled on earth? Every day you wake up constantly you keep hearing that a teenager lost his/her life “-GUILT- “ you can’t save everybody but say the ones you can, you hold generations upon generation on your hand, you have over a trillion destiny tied to you if you fail you have failed generations without your knowledge. Life is like a chain that has no end, life is like a tree with so many branches, you can’t afford to loose it like that “ TAKE HOLD OF YOUR PURPOSE”.


It feels good to belong, to wear the latest shoes use the latest phones, wear the latest clothes, and carry the latest hand-bags. But is that really it? ——- is that what you were meant for?You mean more than you think to the whole world, you owe your future a great personality. What you wear now, do now and the friends you keep now may or will never be there forever.What destroys a man is not that which is far from him but that which is closest to him. I have heard of teenagers that loosed their values because of the kind of friends they keep most of them didn’t know, they had friend in disguise, some people would refer to them as “frienemy”


                        Unlimited we are blessing, every one of us are engraced to be something extraordinary, we are not normal we are abnormal(above normal). ”THE WHOLE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOU”





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