The Rich man’s and Poor man’s Mentality

Rich men are often called stingy, wicked and crude, am talking about genuinely rich men not the ones that get their wealth by selling their soul to the devil, am talking of the ones that burnt that mid night oil till it went dry. Here, let me give you a simple illustration.

“A man works hard and finally gets a breakthrough to get $1,000,000.

                Another man, let’s say a poor hooligan from the gutters of a ghetto wins a lottery of $1,000,000 too. 



The rich man then decides instead of buying cars and building houses yet, why doesn’t he just invest $500,000 in a profitable business, use at most $200,000 for all his children education and keep the remaining $400,000 for anything else that comes up suddenly in the future.

____________  the rich man


The poor man decides to buy car about five(5) buy an expensive domain(house), lavishes the wealth on his children buying all the latest technology gadgets for them saying he is treating them well and suddenly ‘BALM!’, the wealth is all gone and what he is left with is $100 in his account.

___________ the poor man

At that point in time the world might see the first man(rich man) as being selfish and self centered and someone who doesn’t really care to provide material things for his family, and the other man(poor man) would be seen as generous , kind and brilliant, forgetting that in the human race if you account doesn’t count you amount to nothing in any part of the world, because even the great men in bible were all said to be rich and they didn’t spend it foolishly or lavishly.

Given 10 years gap, got back to visiting those men and you find out the invested man wealth has grown and the money spent by the poor man has diminished to threshold. The cars, the second man bought has gone obsolete, the house is now old-fashioned, the material things bought for the children are nowhere to be found. But the first man’s life, his gift to his children (sound education) still lives with them anywhere they go.

Everything in life is temporary only what we have upstairs in our brain really last but the poor man refused to see that, he only cared about now and forgot there is a later, he had no foresight concerning the future.

Money, wealth, is volatile if not handled with care. The fact that you have a billion dollar today doesn’t mean that you would have it tomorrow, it with either increase or decrease, depending on the mentality you have concerning that money.



One thought on “The Rich man’s and Poor man’s Mentality

  1. “It is right that the brother in humble circumstances should glory in being lifted up, and the rich in being brought low. For the rich will last no longer than the wild flower; the scorching sun comes up, and the grass withers, its flower falls, its beauty is lost. It is the same with the rich: in the middle of a busy life, the rich will wither.”
    James, 1


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