Build Yourself To Your Dream Person

The world has conceived men and women of great, greater dreams, destiny and aspirations. The world has had people that were driven with the full fuel passion in the beginning but didn’t have it at the ending. Don’t be like them.

Who do you see yourself as? What and where do you see yourself at 10…20 years from the minute you read this message?

Everybody I believe possesses a dream, a vision in them and to achieve that dream in them they have to fight their way through life. Every dream is a seed and for the seed to yield you have to put up with the rain, you have to put up with failure, defeat, pain, loss it goes on, but if you should put up with the rain and wait for the sun to shine upon that seed you bear, I dare you, you would yield a bountiful produce.

Why waste countless hours depending on the success of one man when you can be a success yourself? Why live under the shadow rather than step into the light…. Do not relive yesterday today, don’t cry for yesterday to come back and become today.


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