In pursuit of purpose

Hardwork works, working really hard is what successful people do. Nothing exist for itself, everything is related to something else. It’s not how much you have it’s what you do with what you have. Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and don’t forget to rest. The world needs you and the purpose for which you were born, purpose cannot be fulfilled in isolation. Your purpose is designed to affect generations to come negatively or positively. God’s purpose is not hindered by your past, no matter what you might have done wrong or where you might have gone wrong, you will still have the opportunity to fulfill His purpose in your life. Nothing you have done can cancel His (God’s) purpose. No matter how your life started or how bad it has been, you are not a mistake.

What is it that gives your life a sense of purpose?

What is the meaning of your life?

Know this; for every minute you spend playing, someone else is out there in the world getting smarter, reading harder, gaining more knowledge, winning and build his self up to becoming a better person. Grind why others sleep, don’t do what they do, don’t go where they go.

Until you are willing to live your comfort zone, until you are willing to take chances, to takes risk, every day you wake up will be the same, the same thinking method, the same food, the same job, the same friends. Until you discover your purpose of living, every day you wake up would be like yesterday. Don’t stay in that comfort zone just because you have everything that makes you comfortable at that moment. The most dangerous thing to do in life is not to do anything at all. It’s okay to worry, it’s okay to feel like you’re losing, to feel like a failure, it proves you are human, it means you are moving, you are trying, you are learning something new. Don’t let your environment judge you, don’t let people predict your future for you, Yes! They have the right to speak, but choose what you take into your soul and let the rest live through the other ear.

Many times we ask our self why  are we living?  The answer is this; if you don’t wake up every day with much enthusiasm then you haven’t really found your sense of living. If you hate the sun rise, if you hate the noise of early morning traffic and you just want to remain in bed then you are just existing not really living, you are dead but not yet buried.

Love yourself don’t complain; I’m too short, I’m too fat, I’m too this, I’m too much of that, your first step to success is self-romance(loving yourself and all that you are). If you hate who you are, you can never become the person you want to be. You don’t need a new body, you don’t need a new family, a new country or planet, you just need a new mind set, you need a new believe system.

Until you are willing to make sacrifices, until you are willing to stay up late, until you are willing to choose books over phones, bible over novels, until you are willing to go the extra mile, you cannot move from here to there, I repeat you cannot move from here to there. Life is not easy, no one said it ever would be, so don’t ever take on anything in life easy. You can’t imagine yourself driving  a Lamborghini in your sitting room and the next thing you hear is someone pulling off at your house and giving you key to a Lamborghini, Life is not a fairy tale, it’s not a happily ever after movie. To buy that jet, that car, that house or to even have that happy family you have to work, work, work. No one said it would be easy, No! Get into the arena of life, get beaten up and thrown on the ground so that you will learn how to stand up and fight, get stumble upon so that you will learn from your mistake and at that moment you know you are living not just existing. STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!!!!!




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