Have you ever had the feeling you don’t belong where you are? That there’s something more to your life? Have you ever felt you did something wrong and your conscience is judging you but you don’t know where you went wrong? Have you ever forced a fake identity on yourself in order to fill that void in you but the harder to try the emptier it become?  Have you been running away from the call of destiny?

All these question! Life questions! You seek the answer?….. the answer is in you.

Stop running and face the fact that you are who you are, face who you really are. One thing I’ve left so far from my stay on earth is that our greatest opponent is not the man in the ring, it’s not a bully in our class, it’s not some kind of examination or test… our greatest opponent is the man in the mirror. If we can defeat him and all the things he has made us do, follow our will…….we would dominate our body and have victory over it.




|Big question|….. identity huh?  People don’t know who they are so they end up being anybody….don’t try to run away from who you are because you won’t go far.    Let me share a little fantasy story:

          There was this man who had dogs lots and lots of dogs, a day when he returned from work he came home with a goat, a little newly born goat. He bred this goat in the mist of his dogs… as months began passing by the goat kept growing that in that situation the goat saw itself as a dog. The goat began eating bone began digging grounds. One evening when the owner of these animals came back from work as usual the dogs would always run to him jumping up and down round him wiggling their tail in joy…. But this time something unusual happened the goat ran to the owner jumping round him wiggling its little tail thinking it was a dog.


This goat lost its identity… it didn’t know it was a goat, it went on grinding bones with its teeth, digging the ground and burying bone, sniffing with its nose if it could get any smell. That how some teenagers are today……..they’ve lost sight of their identity….they’re confused and don’t what to seek help….they’re helpless and don’t want to reach out to others for help.    ASK YOURSELF: WHAT IS MY IDENTITY




How do you see yourself? Do you downgrade or upgrade yourself in your mind and head? How you think of yourself even if you don’t say it out loud is how people would think of you – “!life is ironic ain’t it!”-. We are who we see ourselves as, we are carried the way we carry ourselves. Be as tough as thunder when it comes to principles but gentle as a dove when it comes to kindness –remember our actions define who we are-.

Nobody can annoy you if you don’t let them…. don’t let any kind of people into your life but do not be self-centered. Be free with people because you don’t know what they are passing through but do not let them run your life for you, let others make suggestions for you but you should take you own action, let others speak but do not make them over throw you voice…let yours be heard too. You are not a pawn in anyone’s game….. set you values and standards.




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