MODERN AGE TECHNOLOGY(effects to the society)

The world today has begun counting success as the amount of money we have in our account. Everybody is so involved in this rat race, this madness that we have forgotten what real success is, what real success feels like. We counts hours spent on doing things that have low effects to our happiness  as success. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has given us digital friends the we’ve forgotten what true friendship feels like. These digital touch screens have made us lose touch to our life, our family. Everybody wants to be rich, everybody wants to be famous, everybody wants that crowd shouting their name, and though we may deny it sometimes, but we are scared of not being remembered, we’re scared of OBLIVION. Have you ever been at the beach an early morning or late in the evening, you discover that the sea and the sky looks they’re together with the sun in their middle, now that’s unanimity, and it’s something you barely find in people today.              Real success is when you have a happy and progressing family, when you have real friends you’re always close to, friends that you could talk to whenever you feel down whenever you need an advice. You don’t let the digital age touch screens make you lose the touch of life.

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