Don’t Let your Body Deceive you

Don’t pity yourself, don’t pity your body, don’t say I don’t want to stress my body, guess what if you don’t stress your body to doing the right thing today!!…your body is going to stress you for the rest of your life. I believe you can reach your fullest potential. The body always wants to sleep, the body always wants to be pleased in its own way, it doesn’t want to work, it doesn’t want to grind, but your mind has the power over your body, you have the power to determine what to and what not to do. Don’t let your body make you live a regretful future. If you do what is easy your life would be hard, take life on, hold it by its neck. Be willing to take the consequences.

We all have these negative thoughts in our head, but don’t let it drown out who you want to be. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Don’t let being blind, dump, deaf or cripple discourage you, be the captain of your body, let your mind control your body and not your body control your mind. You can not only be the champion of the whole world, you can be the champion of your body. People exist who are not champions of their body, they are subjected to it, yea! The might have made money, the might have everything moving well for them, but deep deep down within themselves they are under subjection to their body and they know it, but do not know how to except the trap inside themselves.

Your body is weak, I repeat your body is weak, it can only go so far, It wants to be who you want to be but it doesn’t want to work hard to that point. A broken body is better than a broken spirit, because when the spirit is broken nothing absolutely nothing can move not even the body. Don’t get stuck in your own body, remember this body all clay, the real us cannot be seen yet.

Push yourself beyond your limits, don’t do what you did last year, last two years or else you would still get the same result. Change is hard I know, living your comfort zone is difficult, living the warmness of home and going into the cold world is difficult I know, but if you don’t move out of that your warm comfort zone now and move to the cold world , sooner than later your comfort zone is going to become cold soon. Doing the same thing over and over again doesn’t teach you anything new.

You can make the commitment to your life that you don’t like the result you are getting and you are willing to take chances to get a different result, if changing makes you inconvenient – so what?!!, there is nothing as powerful as a human spirit. Don’t ever expect people to understand you. Who you are depends fully on what you do.

Everybody has that desire to make a difference but the find it difficult to make that difference, they have been subjected to what the body wants to do. Life is not convenient, it doesn’t go how you want it, it doesn’t go how you expect it to be, that’s why it is called life. The reason why people don’t become what they want is because they’ve been too attached to who they are. Everybody has a hard road, have faith in yourself not your body, your spirit, your mind not your body because your body will always disappoint you, if you don’t push yourself you can never be better than who you are.

Somewhere deep inside you know the kind of person you want to be, whatever you are born to be is in you now. Every seed has the potential of becoming a tree but if that tree decides to remain the that seed shell, if that tree decides it would become subjected by that seed, it would never become a tree, it would never bear fruits that would produce seeds to produce more trees. People who made it don’t operate under the law of their body. They don’t sleep 20 hours a day and play for 4 hours. Pleasing your body always will destroy you from becoming who you are meant to be.




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