The Storm (Don’t Let Life Knock You Down)


Sometimes we live like God hates us and life has forgotten us, it happens, thats just the storm trying to get up to give up in life, it rains so heavy on us and tries to beat us mercilessly. But what you do as a person during this kind of time really defines you, it tells if you’re a kind of person willing to put up with the rain and go far or you’re to scared to get struck by lightning.
Individually we all have issues we are scared of facing, we just wished sometimes they would just disappear, God knows sometimes I feel like other people’s lives are way better than mine, that they have no issues and they’re perfects, their grades are up, the aren’t sluggish and disappointing, they don’t need to take risk cause everything is working out for them and I think, Why do I have to be the one to suffer, look at everybody out there, they’re progressing, they have no issues, they have no challenges but I’m damn wrong, because you see someone living lavishly, being so flamboyant doesn’t mean that person secretly doesn’t have issues going on in their life, doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Life storms play tricks on you and if you aren’t careful enough, you’re going to end up living a photocopy of some else’s life you think is perfect but ABSOLUTELY is not.
I can’t really tell you what your future is going to be like if you put up with the storm in your life right now, but I can tell you this, if you put up with that issues right now in your life, your life is going be worth it more than what it is now, you’re going to have and I have been there before’ story to tell people in the future and there’s no greater joy than sharing a story of testimony and triumph to people than that, you become an icon of hope.
Life isn’t going to go easy on you again you should know that! You’ve grown up, you ain’t going to be running for protection under mom and dad arms anymore, You’re now at a stage you should be able to take on responsibility in your life… Nobody’s going to get in your storm for you, everybody is alright been hit hard or current is being hit hard. Get your grip in life, put yourself together and go and find out what wonderful purpose God has put in your life.
Life isn’t and will never be a merry-go-round…. Everyday we are alive we are in a fight, fight for a secured future and the moment we decide to give up and give in to life terms and conditions we lose.



Felt used or useless sometimes… scared you’ve disappointed everybody… Hey!! Listen. Nobody really cares how you feel, only you do – It’s life, people are bound to hurt you, to make you feel like giving up sometimes… make you feel like what you do don’t matter, like it doesn’t count; But it does. Listen to me right now; You count in this world OK, you really do, You, might not be that kind of child your parents expected you to turn out to be No! but you definitely turned out to the kind of person God expected you to be…. Even if you don’t seem so now, don’t give up, building a masterpiece takes time. Jesus didn’t die on the cross immediately he was born nahhhh…. He grew, He worked, He took time. It doesn’t really matter how bias a situation may be for you right now, just know this DON’T YOU EVER GIVE UP ON BUILDING YOURSELF!! Don’t tie your value to a person or situation they would disappoint you. Nobody is perfect except God. No relationship is perfect except the one you have with God, why? because no matter what we do to Him he will always forgives us as long as we are willing to turn back to him.

You are a teenager, you have purpose, you’ve been given a reason for existing, don’t waste your life on shallow things, things that are volatile, things that won’t count in the next 5 years, 2 years or perhaps the next 30 minutes. Push for what is right, do what is right not just what feels right …… Please I beg you and I beg you again DON’T PURSUE AFTER PEOPLE, PURSUE DESTINY, PEOPLE WILL DEFINITELY FOLLOW BETTER PEOPLE EVEN. Yes, I know you’ve made grievous mistakes in the past but forgive yourself or else you would never be able to move forward in this life you’ve been given to live. If you tie your happiness to a particular person, I promise you that happiness won’t last and at the end you will end up sad and disappointed.

 Don’t let a person define you, don’t let something anything, money whatsoever define your worth, because, you are worth so much more than you can begin to comprehend. Next time you are ever asked what’s your value what’s your worth… tell them to get you the blood of Jesus Christ cause that’s your worth, He paid that you will fulfill destiny and nothing on earth, under the sun, no matter how hard the thing tries except you.

Here’s the main line: you have a purpose. Live it right.




Get out and work hard, there is not fast route to riches or wealth or success or anything you are seeking… if there was a faster way, trust me it would kill you!!!


GET UP AND GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The human race …… Why is it called the human race?……. Why are we called a race?? Is that a scientific name or is that what we are actually doing in life here on earth?

Right from birth every human being has be on the run, every human has been running, running towards something or from something ( but its better you run towards something, it qualifies the fact that you have a purpose). And in this race if you dare slack back, if you are drooping or become floppy you are going to loose before you even get to the middle of the track.

Alright, Let me give an instance……. When you were about to be formed in your mother’s womb…. When there was an intercourse from both your parents in any way, married or unmarried…. The moment your dad released the spermatozoa, I bet you were running towards the ovary ( even if you weren’t a full life form yet) … towards your moms egg to fertilize it… cause for every sperm released millions of life forces are on the run, they are on the run towards one goal to fertilize the egg….and the moment one reaches or any number resulting to multiply children at once, the rest loose, the rest dies off, that’s life for you… Most people forget that they have been running from the time they were about to be born… when they come into this world and see life when the see challenges and the find difficult situations they do what QUIT…. They get tired, they lose hope, the lose bearing, meaning, essence, focus, vision, THEY GIVE UP.

When running don’t you ever stop, I repeat don’t you ever stop or else you wouldn’t make it to the finish line before the time is up!!… Everybody is racing , everyone wants that position you have now, and if you dare stop, slack or get lazy, somebody somewhere would catch up with you and collect it from you.

Are you a dead body? then why aren’t you running, why did you choose to give up and start self-pitying yourself hoping the world would look at your face and see how wounded you are and give you back the space you just lost when you ought to change your shoes and keep on running The only body that can’t race, that can’t run is the dead body and I believe you reading this means not dead.,. I once read a quote that said: if the race gets harder change your shoe. That’s it – don’t ever stop running EVER!! Keep on running, and run alone you’ll cover more grounds… don’t talk while running ( keeping unnecessary friends),….you can never find Olympic racers talking to themselves on the track while running… NO!! Everybody is focused, Every one of them wants to get to that finish line …. They want to win the race.

That’s it … the human life is race… you either run or get out the way!!!


Why am I alive? Why am I able to breathe today? Why didn’t I die like most of my mates did?

Big question…??!!

Yeah, you are alive because no matter how many errors you’ve made in the past God still cares for you, He still has a plan installed for you. Yes, I know you get scared, confused and worried sometimes, at times you feeling like you are disappointing everybody, like you’ll never live to your fullest potential. You are scared, but you know what… it’s ok to be scared sometimes…. It shows you are making progress, it shows you aren’t stuck or confined to a certain level or position.

But here’s another issue about fear SIN. Sin brings doubt, it ignites fear, it makes you feel like after some certain progress you just fall back to the ground to start afresh. It’s one thing being successful and it’s another being successful the RIGHT WAY. The quantity of your success doesn’t count or matter or mean anything at all if it has no good quality.

I once heard somewhere in a motivational message that the hardest journey you’ll ever make in this life is the one you make alone, cause trust me, you’ll always start with a huge/great multitude of friends that would say they would be with you every step of the way… but the truth is everybody you see alone the road, in the park, on the bus or where ever are going through also have issues they are trying to overcome, though some are greater than the others the world may say, but none is truly the greatest{No issue is truly greater than another}.

So you ask why are you still alive today? well, the answer is simple : Jeremiah 29:11 says it all “ FOR I KNOW THE THOUGHTS I THINK TOWARDS YOU, SAITH THE LORD, THOUGHTS OF GOOD AND NOT OF EVIL TO GIVE YOU AN EXPECTED END”……. Its really funny though, when God has promised us this, we still go about every day of our lives carrying long faces, showing the whole world we have problems, being scared, telling them how fragile we are at the moment, if you let your enemies see your weakness, they won’t pity you!! they will strike harder to make sure you fall completely. But please remember this; it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve felt forgotten, ignored, self-hated, loved less, despised, where you are now isn’t where you will be forever, your current location isn’t meant to be permanent residential area  for you. You are just going through a phase now so that someday, one day, tomorrow you will also have a story to tell, you will also tell somebody I was there before and I made it out, so cheer up and don’t wallow and drown in your own tears – tomorrow is brighter than you can ever imagine. But you have to do one thing……………………………………………..RUNNNNN!!!!!!!

Don’t stick to the status quo

There is something with the status quo that is literally intoxication, you don’t want to move you want to put things at risk. Change is hard change is scary I know but is that how much you want to limit yourself. For you to change you must face the terror of change you must accept that you must fail, because everybody else is scared of doing a thing, if ever body else is scared of crossing the line, don’t hange with them, don’t stop where they stop You, must believe that no one else is better at building a life that suits you more than yourself.

Improve Yourself

Just because you can’t do something, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. You will receive from the world lots and lots of criticism.

Being scared doesn’t mean you are weak, being scared doesn’t make you a bad person….. In fact being scared proves that you are alive, that you are moving, that you are learning, that you are becoming a better person than you were yesterday.


  1. BUILD UP YOUR MENTALITY RACK: At least every month you have to finish about just one book. There’s a quote I once read somewhere that says; Try to learn something about everything and everything about something. This in general is telling you to learn everything about everything. Knowledge is power, knowledge puts you ahead. Let me give an instance:

In a class for example there is a smart and intelligent kid that answers all the questions in Chemistry, Physics, Math, English etc , and on the other hand there is another kid that doesn’t answer at all, he’s not bright academically, he does poorly in his test – One day the Intelligent kid is on the road to the airport with his mom to pick up a family member that is coming to visit them when suddenly they have a flat tyre, in this situation there was nobody around that could help them at that moment so the intelligent kid mom told him to change their tyre and his response was I can’t , his mom askes why? And he says I don’t know how to. After standing there for some while his other class mate the one considered “to be dul” passes by when he discovered his well known by teachers’ intelligent class mate being stranded with his mom in the middle of the road, he comes down asked what was wrong, when he is told their predicament he offered to help and he finally changes the tyre for them.

Now, though the smart one was the mighty one in the classroom of school, outside the classroom that day he discovered he was not too smart. Everybody has something to offer if they are given the opportunity to, because the dull boy couldn’t answer few questions in the classroom doesn’t mean he is dull. Whatever it is that you know try to know everything about it… study, grind on that thing, search every nuke and cranny to discover every secret of that thing.

  1. DON’T QUIT AT YOUR FIRST FAILURE: Nobody really does anything new for the first time without practising and is expected to come out flying. The fact you didn’t get your way the first time you did something doesn’t mean you cannot be good at that thing, because you got a public disgrace the first time you did something new doesn’t mean you have to go home and lock yourself away in your closet NO!.. it’s a sign that screams KEEP MOVING YOU ARE GETTING SOMEWHERE; in everything there are two things that are always by it side – failure and success – now it depends on which one you choose to pick or which one you try to get. But the fact that you failed at your first attempt doesn’t mean you are a told looser. Get up, dust yourself and get back in front of the line. Never give up regardless of how challenging the road may be.
  • CHANGE YOU THINKING FACULTY: What you think is what you become, what you mind conceive is what you get as result. Change the way you think. Think I will succeed not I am scared of failing. If you are doing anything for anybody then you have not started living yet. When you are set for an exam don’t say “what if I fail” say “when I succeed I will…” Don’t limit yourself with your mind with low self-esteemed thoughts. Remember, your mind is limitless, it never stops growing… so don’t try to stuck yourself in one dogma; explore, discover, learn. Don’t say oh! God! I don’t think I’m gonna make it, instead say God! I’m gonna make it. Whatever it is you say, think and believe consistently there is a 95% chance of you getting it

So, try improving yourself not decreasing and destroying yourself