You want to know why the people who make it make it? You want to know why the people who succeed, succeed? The answer is simple ……. They Don’t Hate

What is your dream? what are you chasing? what are you after?  What do you seek?

Say to yourself it’s possible…… say to your dream it’s possible…… Operate out of a larger vision of yourself.

If you think you have no purpose, then why help that poor kids or save someone’s live? And you ask yourself what is my purpose? Your greatest purpose is what you see yourself as……

Be the change you want to see… we are going through something…. Every passing minutes is another chance to turn it around….

Never believe predictions that do not empower you…. it’s not import how long you live what is important is how you live

You are going to makes some mistake…. If you don’t make any then you haven’t been doing anything, you are going to be criticized when you come to the arena called life but don’t let it pull you down.

Spend each day getting a little wiser than you were before


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