Supernova “chapter 5”

Your greatest moment is now

Don’t wait till later cause later may become never

Life will never produce results for you on credit; So many people talking about how they want a better life, but wake up every day and do nothing about it. You cannot keep on acting the same way, expecting to get a different life; The greatest thoughts or words will never produce results without action; Actions make dreams come true! You will never catch your dreams by justifying excuses and making them count. Don’t make yourself feel good about doing nothing.

Everything you are or ever will be is entirely up to you. If you want things to be different in the future, you must make things different in the present; your life is not a dress rehearsal for something else; this is the real thing, the game is on and time is passing. All of your decisions and in-decisions, your actions and in-actions, have added up to create the life you are living at this very minute. It’s time to stop blaming circumstances and people for holding your life back! Stop complaining about the things that you aren’t willing to change, Where you are today is an inside job; It’s time to get out of that victim mind-set and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Free yourself from excuses; You are responsible for your own life, So start taking ownership. Change don’t just happen; Success doesn’t happen overnight, you have to work to make that change…


Don’t Defeat Yourself!


There are many uncertainties in life, but you are not one. So stop allowing what happened to you control what’s left of you; Stop allowing what happened in you past control your future. Nothing can hold you back without your permission; Your past can either prepare you for a better tomorrow or convince you one doesn’t exist; You are not your past unless you choose to be. Don’t let the things of your past have power over your life. The pains, hurts and disappointment of your past becomes powerless once you decide to let go, Holding on to things that we are supposed to let go of, just keeps our lives in a season that we are no longer supposed to be in. The one thing you are holding on to could be that one thing that’s holding you back! It’s time to let go of the pains, let go of the hurts, let go of the disappointments. Sometimes it takes losing your “everything” just to show you it was NOTHING you needed. Don’t let what you are going through take your life. There is so much more to you than what’s trying to break you. Bad chapters can still create a story that ends well. Being a good person doesn’t always mean you don’t do wrong, Being a good person doesn’t mean you are perfect. It means you strive each day to do right even in the face of wrong. . .You can live a victorious life once you stop defeating yourself; You can live a successful life once you let go of your past; Having a negative outlook on life won’t get you positive results. You can’t stay stuck on a “chapter” trying to get everybody on the same page. That’s how you will never finish the story. It’s not over until you win!



While there may have been many times when we were wronged, there may have been many more times when we spent too long grieving over the hurts instead of moving beyond them. Without forgiveness your life will always be a reflection of the hurt and pain people bring to you…the more you forgive, the more love can grow in your heart, Its ok to feel hurt sometimes, its ok to feel the pains of their actions or inaction, but listen up, you are responsible for how long you choose to let what hurt you hunt you…You are responsible for how long you choose to let what hurt you break you.. Most times, we cannot undo what has already been done, so why handcuff yourself to a memory that brings you so much pain, why hold on to the hurt when you can release yourself from the pain. The one thing you are holding on to could be the one thing that’s holding your life back! its time to release yourself!! Forgiveness is for you not them, Holding a grudge keeps your life in their hands, Holding a grudge gives them control over you. You got to free yourself today. Holding on to things that we are supposed to let go of, just keeps our lives in a season that we are no longer supposed to be in. Forgiveness is your gift to them.




Every teenager has a seed of success planted in him or her, it just takes a little time to cultivate it and behold it bear fruit which is now called success. I actually decided to take on a task at the age of 14 (fourteen) when I started writing this book. I was ready to face those challenges that would bump into my way. Am not different from you and you’re not different from me, we all can achieve success if we are ready to work towards achieving it.

YOU needto stop measuring your old achievement with your new one. Don’t judge by what you did yesterday with what you are doing today.

Success must not always be in  the realm of passing exams  and sort of ———– the true success am trying to refer to here is attaining your dream. It takes a man to think twice and ask once for true success to be achieved.


Let go of past failures.

Never hold onto your mistakes or failures you made in your pas, turn of the light of the past and put on the light of the future—— because ahead of you lies greater opportunities than you just passed.

We’re all given the opportunity to fail because without failure we’ll never know where we are right or wrong.

Never hold on to grouches from the past, let tomorrow page be left unturned and lets set out for a better adventure in the future.












One of another important way to make it in life is to take it. In this sense you make take up whatever comes your way. Upon yourself always go on the quest for knowledge and power.



Nothing under the sun is new, if you feel things under the sun is new then you must be new under the sun.

These current situations you are passing through now, someone somewhere has already been through similar or possibly the same situation before. Do you feel you’re dull academically or whatever crap you think of yourself? Do you are not up to the standard your parents are expecting you to be? You may have just bumped into a new situation but someone else has gone into similar thing and come outsuccessfully. Everybody am sure must have encountered some problems somehow, but not everybody came out of their situation. Stop locking yourself up ——— stop eating up yourself inside, these things can kill you. The current situation you’re in now is to prepare you and get you ready for what’s awaiting you, remember gold can never show its purest form until it is refined with HIGH HEAT, you deserve the best.


Self-silence to hard situation could drain out the life in you, seek for help where you can!
















Within us all lies the spirit of greatness, everybody on the surface of the earth possesses that spirit, we are just left to awaken it ourselves.

success is not a position, it is not a junction in life; success lives in us all”

                                                                                ———Egwuatu David .A.

We’re all given  a brain, hands and life by God but we are to fed for ourselves. If we want to succeed. Lies within us teens AN UNTAPPED POTENTIAL waiting to be unleashed to the whole world. You’ve been conceived with that spirit in you, WAKE IT!

Take hold of your dream


Reaching your dream requires a process – it takes time, persistence, patience. In this stage we discover the importance of holding tightly to your dream and discover how to enjoy he process, even if it takes a long time and leads you through an uncharted course that requires your total faith and commitment.

The secret to discovering your destiny is find something you enjoy doing so much that you would be willing to do it for free.

Five things you must do to release wills in your life

  1. Don’t Despise Small Things.

Don’t be bias. Faithfulness with small things bring huge rewards no matter how little you may start, try to give it your best and you might just end up in where you’ve always dreamt of being.


  1. Don’t Wait for Big Moments.

Big moments don’t come to people who wait for big moments. Big moments comes out of faithfulness in little things, insignificant moment of doing routine, menial things that are non – glamorous and not really exciting. The big moment comes out of being faithful with little things.


  1. Help people.

Why always be self-protective of yourself alone? Don’t you have people around you who could use a little or more help from you? It doesn’t matter your age, you could be helping hand to someone. “Generosity does not come from wealth; but from the heart”. You  must not wait to become rich  before you could help people, you could start now at your younger age.


  1. Do Your Best – and Then Some.

Can people trust you when they turn their back and walk away and never wonder if you’re going to do the job right? If you help people with their dream, you will surely discover yours.


  1. When One Good Door Opens, Walk Through It.

You know what you want! You know what you seek! You know what you deserve! No one else, except you!




Are you tired of hiding in shadows? Stop hiding your potentials.


“A person that always hides his/her potentials never comes out to their fullest capacity”

Success is an old ABC- Ability, Breaks and Courage.

                           –Charles Luck man

What would you do if you know you would never fail; what would you do if you were guaranteed success. Too many tailor their lives according to what the majority says is possible, they dare to reach the limits the world around them agree is achievable. I challenge you today, to break out from the norm, break out from the routines, step into your possibilities and be who God has called you to be…Before you can really see a change in your life, you got to start from the inside out: Everything you see on the outside has a root somewhere on the inside, starting from inside means you got to develop yourself, it means you got to stretch yourself, it means you have got to do more: and doing more means you can’t remain in your comfort zone. You have got to come out and face new challenges. Personal development gives you the capacity to attract the right things into your life. The more you develop yourself, the greater your capacity for achieving an all-round success. To really develop yourself, you must develop the quality of your thoughts. Your life will always move in the direction of your prevailing thoughts as such, the quality of your life can never be better than the quality of your thoughts. How successful do you want to become? How wealthy do you want to become? Think possibility not impossibility. Think success not failure; for a man is as he thinks.  As you develop the quality of your thoughts, you will also develop the quality of your life, the quality of your relationships, the quality of your finances….. You have been in the closet far too long, Its time to get a hold of your life, it’s time to move beyond the limits, It’s time to breakout, step out and be who you were destined to be. It’s not over until you win.



Who are you actually? Are you just another teen sent to cause population in this planet, ARISTOTLE SAID” give me a place to stand and I will move the earth”. If a man at his old age could make such statement, how much you that have a very long time to move the earth before you live it. Let’s take a look into the secular world and see  bit of teens that are actually making or made a difference; Michael Jackson started singing at age 9 and at 16 he was world hit. Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, Austin Mahone, Rachael Fox, Lorde, Flynn Mcgarry, Jazz jenings, Joshua Wong and their likes. You can also be listed among great teens if you are ready to work-hard towards it.

“Obstacles can’t stop you, problems can’t stop you, most of all other people can’t stop you. Only you can stop you”

                                                     —-J. Gitomer.

  “The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever is your goal you can get it if you’re willing to work”

—–Oprah Winfrey.



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