Spare Parts “chapter 1”


Life is fun, life is a fact, life is a fact, life is real and it only comes once. The path we choose to follow determines the trail we live behind.  A quote I once read stated “ why follow the cleared path? Why not go through the bushy path and leave a trail behind for others to follow”.   Remember the price of greatness is responsibility, not material things.

Every situation we find ourselves in, everything we do, everywhere, every single second of our life counts. The English the dictionary can define every word you look for, but it cannot define who we are, it cannot define who we will become…….. We define ourselves; we determine how we turn out to be. whatever happens you should know that you are not alone, you are not the only person after what you are after. Never regret why you were born into a particular family, never you regret why were born into a particular country.

They reason why God gave you that particular destiny was because He felt you have something different from any human being that’s why he entrusted that particular destiny to you.

Bishop David Oyedepo Said” you are at your best when you are yourself”.

If you are trying to be like someone else you might probably lose your destiny your purpose because that difference seen in you by God when he gave you that particular task was no longer there.

A philosopher once said “Always try to be the original copy of yourself not a photocopy of someone else or else you may lose your value”.


Stop blaming other people for your lack of success. Look in the mirror and take some responsibility for your life. Success starts from within: Your change will starts with you. The thoughts that overcome the mind overcomes the man; Your life will always reflect the colours of your thought, If you want to be successful, start thinking of yourself as successful and begin to work towards it. There’s no need to be envious of others when you have the same 24 hours as everybody else. Don’t hate on the person who chooses to work harder, don’t be jealous of the person who chooses to be more disciplined and don’t be envious of the person who chooses not to waste their opportunities: You got to take advantage of yours! Stop acting like God can’t bless you too. Don’t be mad at them for YOUR life, but be mad at the person who’s responsible…..YOURSELF…… Get better not bitter; Let someone’s success motivate you to WORK HARDER not HATE HARDER. You got to STOP waiting for the right time to seek a better life and make TODAY the day you DECIDE to CHANGE!

Stop limiting yourself:

A philosopher once said “life has no limits unless you have made it yourself”. Sometimes people don’t achieve there purposes or destiny because they feel they’re not worth it, while some when accomplished a little feel that’s enough then they relax.

Stop seeing yourself like it has been a cruse in your generation that none of you are to be successful. Every bodies earnest desire is success but most people limit their selves from these success. Life has no full stop unless death, even after death the second phase of life continuous

L= live it.

I= impact it.

F= fulfill it.

E= enjoy it.

Stop limiting yourself because you can actually accomplish more than what you have accomplished more than what you have accomplished now.

You are not too small to make a difference

Never judge yourself by your height or age. It doesn’t matter how small you are, at your age you could shake the country or perhaps you could say the world.

Anita Koddick said” if you think you are too small to make a difference you haven’t been in bed with a mosquito.”

       Termites could pull down an entire building if you give them time. Even though they are that small they still make differences not minding their status or sizes. Even in the bible David a boy of 17years slayed a giant so much fit taller than him. What’s deceiving you? Is it your height, age or background? Never underestimate your capacities or capabilities we all possess in us a spirit greater than us only even we are willing to unleash it into the world we would still see ourselves as small persons that could do nothing. You can’t head out for success if you don’t know what you want to attain. In life people have different perceptions of the same thing. A thing might have different meaning to thousands of people.


Imagination – Dreams, Goals – Direct, Enthusiasm – Propels, Persistence – Propels.




Where we come from do not define us, our parents, educational standards and any auxiliary thing doesn’t define us, we define ourselves, we define who we want to turn out to become…….. Don’t let situations, circumstances, times or actions define you, go for what your heart desires, strive for it.

Everyone is a future king, nobody is an accident of history, no one is a mistake of yesterday, today or tomorrow,  Circumstances didn’t make us what we are, never use that phase to deceive yourself, we chose to be what we are.



We may be small on the outside, but inside we are mighty;

We are possessed by an “indomitable will” that knows no defeat;

We are talented beyond humanity imagination;

We are unique beings, created uniquely for unique purposes;

We are mighty, great, ambitious, driven in destiny, pace setter, ground breakers, history makers, mysteries solvers, uniquely empowered to empower, dangerous dynamites of destiny…….. we are Teenagers Of Purpose.



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